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Here at Floor Coverings International Peachtree City, we’d be lying if we said there wasn’t something special about marble flooring. Grand streaks of patterning rest frozen beneath the unmatched glossy sheen of a good marble floor. But is the luxury of this classic stone flooring right for your McDonough home? Start your investigation here with our review of marble, the grand old king of stone floors!

Nothing Quite Like Marble

By the time it is harvested, marble has already developed its distinct pattern of unique swirls. Beginning its life as limestone, this magnificent rock endures incredible subterranean conditions of scorching heat and titanic pressure, evolving into the dense, vibrant beauty we know and love. Marble floors in your home are one-of-a-kind — no other marble will have responded to Earth’s powerful re-molding quite like yours did.

They’re Hypoallergenic!

Dust and dander do not accumulate on the surface of a marble floor the way they do on other materials. Marble’s dense, minimally porous structure is also highly resistant to mold. With strengths like these, allergy-prone homeowners need not fear allergy triggers from their marble floors.

peachtree city marble floorStone-Cold Marble Floors

Many forms of natural stone feature high rates of conductivity, and marble is no exception. Marble flooring absorbs heat, dispersing it beneath the stone itself. During the winter, this can make marble one chilled surface to walk on. Area rugs can aid homeowners in the effort to stay warm, but a more involved solution would include a radiant heating system.

Installed below the marble floor, radiant heating systems transmit heat upward into the floor. Of course, during the summer, marble needs no assistance in keeping cool. It will remain this way substantially longer than many other floors, providing much-needed relief for overheated residents. Hot summers can be rough, but a cool marble floor may just help you push through.

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