With knots and strong grain lines, many Peachtree City homeowners love the distinct appearance of pine hardwood floors. If you are looking to install new hardwood floors in your home, pine may be the right option for you. At Floor Coverings International Peachtree City we stock a wide variety of hardwood floors. Keep on reading to learn more about pine!

Benefits of Pine Hardwoodpine hardwood peachtree city


The deep red hue of pine hardwood is a great way to add warmth to your Peachtree City home. The plank has knots and strong grain lines, each plank offering a unique appearance. The beautiful combination has made pine a popular hardwood flooring option. While pine hardwood can work well in any home, its appearance truly shines in traditional style Peachtree City homes.


With a ranking of 1630 on the Janka Hardness Scale, pine is a durable style of hardwood flooring. Its scratch-resistance makes it a great option for active families and pet-friendly households. Make sure to ask our experts about specific species of pine, as some can varieties have a low Janka ranking. The right type of pine hardwood can easily stand up to the everyday chaos in your busy home.


Besides a classic appearance, the longevity of hardwood floors is a key reason why it is so sought after. With proper maintenance, you will never need to replace your pine hardwood floors. If you want to shift the classic appearance with time, a simple stain will do the trick. Our experts at Floor Coverings International Peachtree City can guide you through the different aesthetics of pine hardwood.

pine hardwood peachtree cityThings To Consider

Upfront Costs

Pine hardwood is not as budget-friendly as wood-look alternatives, like laminate. That being said, hardwood is much more long lasting, making for a great value over time. Pine hardwood will also increase the value of your home. Even if you are not living in your forever-home, the added value will make up for the higher cost.

Care & Maintenance

To stay in peak condition, it is important to properly maintain your pine hardwood floors. Sweep and vacuum your floors every week to prevent wear and tear. Every 5-10 years, have the floors professionally refinished – we promise you’ll be glad you did. After a good refinish, your pine hardwood floors will look brand new again.

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