Known for dramatic knots and distinct rustic appeal, hickory wood floors are a favorite among hardwood enthusiasts. Whether you’re a long-time fan of hickory or just looking for the right hardwood, we are your one-stop-flooring shop! At Floor Coverings International Peachtree City, we carry a great selection of hardwood floors and are here to help you find your perfect fit.

What are the advantages of hickory?

hickory hardwood floors in fayetteville

  • Hickory floors have an exceptionally high Janka rating of 1820. They are the hardest domestic species used for hardwood and as such are very durable.
  • Another great feature of hickory is how dense it is. Because of its density, hickory is less likely to react to humidity and water damage than other similarly priced species.
  • Hickory is the ideal hardwood for homeowners who have a true appreciation of woodworking. These floors take stain very well, which allows for ultimate customization and a range of beautiful hues.
  • As a mid-level floor, hickory has many of the qualities of exotic hardwoods while staying within the price range of its domestic competition.

What are the disadvantages of hickory?

  • A common disadvantage with woods that are ranked higher on the Janka hardness scale is that they are often more difficult to install. The density of the wood makes it less flexible and more difficult to cut. At Floor Coverings International Peachtree City, we hire only the most qualified installers to make sure your floors are done right!
  • The unique grain pattern of the wood can be too bold for homeowners that want a more modern feel.  If you’re looking for a subtle floor that blends in with its surroundings, then hickory may not be for you.

Your Local Flooring Experts

If you are considering a hickory floor for your Fayetteville home, give the experts at Floor Coverings International Peachtree City a call today! Our design experts are here to help you find your perfect flooring option, whether that’s hardwood, carpet, tile or anything else!

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