bamboo flooring samples, floor coverings internationalBamboo flooring is a great alternative to hardwood because it is beautiful, unique, and durable. At Floor Coverings International Peachtree City, we carry a wide variety of bamboo flooring. Contact us today to talk with a design expert and learn more about our selection, or schedule a free in-home consultation where we will bring bamboo samples directly into the comfort of your home. Our flooring experts will help you see how the different options will look with your furniture and decorations.

Few floors feel more exotic than bamboo. You’ve most likely come across a bamboo floor and been able to recognize it by its thin strands and elbow-like knobs. Bamboo floors are great for Peachtree City, Fayetteville, McDonough area homes, but it’s important to understand the pros and cons of any floor before making the big decision.

How are bamboo floors made?

It’s a common misconception that bamboo is a hardwood, when it is, in fact, a grass. Unlike other hardwood floors, where each board is cut from a single piece of lumber, bamboo is cut into strips and then compressed into a single board. That’s why you’ll notice a pattern that resembles an actual bamboo pole. Bamboo is naturally light in color but can be darkened through a process called carbonization.


  • One of the most environmentally sustainable flooring options, bamboo takes nearly 1/10th the time to grow of hardwood trees. This means not as many acres of forest are used and more trees are saved!
  • If you’re looking for a floor with modern appeal, bamboo can certainly do the trick!
  • They’re easy to maintain and can be cleaned without using any special cleaning supplies. This makes them perfect for homeowners who have little experience with hardwood floors but still enjoy the look.
  • Perhaps the most enticing advantage to bamboo is its price. It is one of the least expensive alternatives for hardwood floors, especially when considering bamboo is an exotic wood.


  • Unfortunately, not all bamboo flooring is creating equal. Bamboo is relatively inexpensive compared to hardwood floors, but buyer beware with deals that seem too good to be true. The team at Floor Coverings International Peachtree City will help you make sure you’re getting the highest quality bamboo floor at the best price.
  • Bamboo floors rank lower on the Janka hardness scale. This means they tend to show scratches more than other species. However, un-carbonized bamboo is harder than carbonized and will do a better job at fending off these scratches.

Are bamboo floors right for me?

Bamboo floors are perfect for the environmentally conscious homeowner and can add a stylish vibe to any room. If you are considering a bamboo floor for your home, schedule an appointment with the design experts at Floor Coverings International Peachtree City today! Our team is dedicated to helping you choose the right floor for your next project. We’d love to meet you!

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