peachtree city nylon carpet

When Peachtree City homeowners think of carpet, they’re probably thinking of nylon. This carpet fiber is popular for a reason: its easy maintenance, simplicity, and durability make it the carpet of choice for homeowners all over the world.

At Floor Coverings International Peachtree City, we freely admit to being fans of nylon! Today we review some of this carpet’s best features and explore its role in homes everywhere.

Strength and Science

Nylon is one tough customer. It can weather a good deal of abrasion while maintaining its luster in the long term. This strength is the result of its hydrogen content. When you steam-clean nylon, the hydrogen molecule is reactivated and reverses flattening effects from foot traffic. Yearly steam cleans are an important means of keeping nylon carpets fresh.

Solving the Stain Situation

Nylon is resistant to moisture absorption, but to truly ensure your carpet will resist a rain of refreshments, opt for solution-dyed nylon. Normally, fibers are dyed after production. Solution-dyed nylon’s color is sealed into it during production, making it resistant in the extreme to both stains and traffic wear. It comes at a higher price point, but solution-dyed nylon is far and away the pinnacle of easily maintained carpet.

peachtree city nylon carpet

Slick Number Six

Nylon is also provided in the two variants of “type 6” and “type 6,6.” Their molecular structures are different, with 6,6 being the generally superior version due to its improved ability to retain color and resist static electricity.

The difference is not terrifically great between these two types, so they are mostly interchangeable as far as durability and resilience. But for environmentally savvy homeowners, type 6 is the greener option — it can be easily recycled into new carpet!

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