laminate floors in mcdonoughWhen shopping for laminate floors for your McDonough, GA area home, you might be under the impression that it is only the color and design that you must choose. Not so! Not only is this style of flooring the most affordable with the widest variety of color and texture in comparison to other materials, it also comes in a weight and durability ready to match your application.  Whether you are installing a new floor in your kitchen, bath, basement, or even living area, there is a laminate floor designed to meet the demands of the space and budget. Let’s check out what is available on the market today.

High Traffic and Water Resistant Laminate for a Busy Family

When comparing the different choices at your flooring center, look for a laminate that is rated for the purpose for which it is intended. You will find laminate floors that are rated for commercial and high traffic areas. They have a thicker layer of laminate and are often treated with another clear protective coat that will resist scratches and scuffs longer than the thinner and often cheaper options.  There are also water-resistant versions that are a great idea when you want that hardwood look in your bath or laundry room without the expense.

Cushioned and Insulated Laminate for a Quieter Man Cave

Are you working on the floors in the playroom or media center? If you wished you didn’t hear quite so many explosions from the gaming system or cries of delight from your kids, you may wish to look for a laminate flooring that has a cushioned underlayment.  This reduces the bouncy feel that many people associate with a laminate floor while it also serves to muffle the sounds that escape from the room.

Pre-attached Underlayment for Faster Installation

Finally, you will want to talk to your McDonough, GA laminate flooring expert at Floor Coverings International Peachtree City about the time and expense of the installation process. Many laminate floors require that an underlayment is put down on the subfloor before the laminate is installed. When you purchase a laminate that has the underlayment attached, it often serves to cut down on labor costs while providing some sound insulation at the same time. Ask for a price comparison including labor for the flooring with and without the attached underlayment.

Now that you know a little bit more about the types of laminate flooring that is out on the market, you can spend more time finding the color, grain, and style that will perfectly complement your home. Schedule a free, in-home design consultation today!

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